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Pioneering: hybrid parks with wind and solar energy

Generating green electricity from the power of the elements – we at Alterric have been successful with this principle for a long time. In future, we want to supplement the potential of our wind farm sites with solar energy. The goal: a strong increase in output and a significantly more steady feed-in to the electricity grid.


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Wind energy and photovoltaics– a perfect match

The expansion of renewable energies must proceed rapidly, as society, politics and business have agreed. As an experienced expert for green energy, Alterric is leading the way and plans to build an energy supply that is based 100 percent on renewable sources.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Alterric is focusing on so-called hybrid parks and will integrate photovoltaic modules into its own wind parks in the coming years. Our project pipeline, which comprises around 10 gigawatts in wind energy in Germany alone, will thus be significantly expanded – through solar projects with a volume of at least 1.5 gigawatts, which Alterric intends to develop, build and operate itself over the next few years.

By combining wind energy and photovoltaics, the nominal output in the wind farm areas can be doubled. Depending on factors such as the regional energy yield, the distribution of the areas or the respective slope, around one megawatt of solar power can be installed per hectare.

“In the coming years, Alterric intends to transform many of its own wind farms into hybrid farms, supplemented by further wind farms from the project pipeline. This will also create interesting opportunities for our project partners. In doing so, Alterric will stick to its proven principle: we keep the assets in our own portfolio and continue to be on site as the operator.”

Gerrit van Schwartzenberg | Alterric expert for ground-mounted photovoltaics

More energy, more grid stability

The interaction of wind energy and photovoltaics in hybrid parks does not only ensure significantly more energy harvest. The principle enables a steady feed-in, because the generation curves complement each other: in summer, there is less wind, but more solar radiation; in winter, steady wind can compensate for the shorter days. When other solar parks are not feeding into the grid, the hybrid park can continue to supply wind power. This constant feed-in from energy parks also offers expanded marketing opportunities, such as a more attractive portfolio for industrial customers.

The cumulative generation from wind energy and photovoltaics stabilises the green power production over the year due to its anti-cyclical character. In addition, a simultaneous feed-in of both energy sources happens rather seldom, because weather conditions with a lot of sunshine and strong winds are rare. The positive effect: existing electrical infrastructure in the wind farm either can be used or, in the case of combined new projects, needs only slight expanding.

Focus on safe supply

In addition, the risk profile of the feed-in decreases. This is an elementary aspect for a secure power supply. In the future, Alterric wants to further strengthen this contribution to supply security by using energy storage systems.

This makes us a pioneer on the path towards 100 percent renewable energies. We are convinced that the cleverly planned green energy projects can provide a supply that is sustainable, reliable and affordable at the same time. Hybrid parks with wind power and photovoltaics not only reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gases. They make Germany and Europe even more independent of raw material imports. And thus form the basis for a plannable energy landscape with fair prices.

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