A technician on a wind turbine

Manufacturer-independent system purchasing

The way the wind blows, can vary from location to location. That’s why our project development takes all aspects and variable parameters into account. The individual tendering of the wind turbines is part of this process.
Five different unit types from different manufacturers

Crucial: Economy and secure standards

When selecting turbines for Alterric wind farms, our motto is “Find the right system for efficient energy generation at the right location.” To achieve this goal, the tenders and resulting cooperation with various manufacturers are decisive factors.

Which type of turbine delivers the best results depends on various factors. In addition to wind conditions, the allowed height plays a fundamental role in site selection. Other factors include how the park layout is laid out and which existing systems are already running in the immediate vicinity. Emission restrictions also have special requirements at some locations, as well as themes like sound and shadow. In addition to assuring cost-effectiveness, our purchasing guidelines (as a company with, in part, municipal roots) also comply with European public procurement law. A manufacturer’s financial stability also plays a central role, as well as our business partners all of whom adhere to the technical, social standards and environmental standards that comply with DIN, EN and ISO regulations.

All offers from leading manufacturers are based on these tender parameters.

The wide selection of turbine models from different manufacturers in our wind farms have all proven themselves to be both reliable and profitable. We plan on expanding this model diversity in the coming years.

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