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Powering a greener future

Wind and solar energy are the key to climate protection. That’s why at Alterric, we use our decades of experience, expertise, and passion for working together in the development, project planning, construction, and management of wind farms. The concept of hybrid wind farms is a new addition to the Alterric portfolio: we are combining wind farms with photovoltaic modules – initially in Germany – to achieve both a significant increase in output and a sustainable supply of electricity.


Years of wind power experience


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The transition to renewable energy made easy

Alterric stands for the planning, construction, and operation of wind turbines from a single source. We create our own project pipelines and manage the effective operation of our assets for the generating of sustainable electricity. That said, we also relay on strong successful partnerships.

The possibilities and benefits when cooperating with us are numerous: whether it’s space acquisition, tendering procedures, the shouldering of project development risks, economic plant operation, repowering or participation models – we know our way around. Our individually planned wind farm projects have won the acceptance and confidence of project partners, municipal decision-makers, approval authorities, as well as citizens and wind farm neighbours. Our solutions are advancing the renewable energy transition in municipalities while offering green electricity and support to suppliers, industries and partners within the complex market environment. We also offer to take over existing rights of wind farms from wind power companies who want to devote themselves to other projects. Alterric plans and builds wind projects independent from manufacturers and works together with all major suppliers in tenders for wind turbines.

Experts with energy transition DNA

As a partner for the renewable energy transition, we can look back at three successful decades in the wind business, as well as a strong financial base, technical expertise and comprehensive experience.

Last but not least, our added value lies in our interdisciplinary energy transition DNA. Whether grid connection, energy trading or the broad spectrum of extended green power applications through sector coupling – at Alterric you can rely on experts who approach the renewable energy future holistically.

“Alterric will continue to make a significant contribution to climate protection, sustainability and the preservation of the environment. In doing this, we always bring our distinctive energy transition DNA to the table. We also remain true to the values that have made the wind business of our parent companies such a success story: continuity, transparency and relationships on an equal footing.”

Management Alterric

Our history, our future

30 years ago, the wind power pioneers ENERCON and EWE joined forces to implement projects with a lighthouse effect. One of them was the Pilsum wind farm in 1989. With a total output of three megawatts, it was one of the largest energy transition projects worldwide. In the following decades, both the Aloys Wobben Foundation and EWE were able to establish successful companies for the project planning and operation of onshore wind energy. In March 2021, both companies bundled these divisions in a joint company: Alterric GmbH, headquartered in Aurich, northern Germany.

We want to use our renewable energy DNA to continue this success story. That is why additional 10,000 megawatts are being planned for implementation into our project pipeline. By 2030, our goal is to create more than 300 megawatts of additional construction per year and invest a total of 3.6 billion Euros in the energy future. This can be seen in that we are increasing our generation capacity for green energy to around 5 gigawatts.

Tailwind for the future

Big challenges need big solutions.


Dr. Frank May

Dr. Frank May
Managing Director Alterric