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Electricity from renewable sources is increasingly becoming a competitive factor within the energy-providing sector. Especially consumers are paying more attention to where their products come from and their sustainable added value. With our comprehensive energy generation portfolio, you have an ideal partner for the renewable electricity needs of industry, commerce, and energy suppliers.
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Environmentally friendly production and sustainable business concepts are more popular than ever. And the forecast is that this trend will continue to grow in users and importance. Electricity from renewable sources plays an important role in all of this.

With 2,400 megawatts of installed capacity in our own portfolio and a project pipeline of 10,000 megawatts, we can acquire a variety of clean energy procurement models, such as long-term supply contracts for wind power, the so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). These supply industry, commerce, and retail with renewable electricity at competitive prices. For companies looking for the highest level of added value through sustainable energy, we offer an all-round service, complete with the planning and building of wind farms and the taking over their efficient operations. We also offer similar investments to energy suppliers and municipal utilities. Another benefit is that we belong to the two trading companies EWE TRADING and QUADRA Energy, which means that we have excellent contacts to the electricity exchange and other marketing platforms.

“Renewable electricity derived from wind power helps industries to conserve resources. Alterric opens up new opportunities for its partners to contribute to a better climate while enjoying strong generation capacities and access to energy markets.”

Malte Neuendorff | Head of Electricity Marketing
Renewable electricity powering the future

Renewable energy from Alterric helps companies to reach their projected sustainability goals while appealing to climate-conscious customers with a proven green supply chain. Hydrogen producers as well are increasingly interested in electricity derived from renewable sources. This is in part due to the fact that state funding for new projects is es easier to acquire when electricity from renewable sources is used for hydrogen production. We can help power you all the way to climate neutrality. Let us know when you are ready. We’re always happy to get things off to a successful start.

We support your path to climate neutrality with all our expertise, passion, and experience. Where do you want to start? We’re always happy to offer our professional advice and consultation.

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Malte Neuendorff
Head of Electricity Marketing

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