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Renewable wind energy lets land do more

We’re the experts when it comes to harvesting wind and put all our 30 years of expertise into every project. And because energy transition projects need a solid basis, we work closely and in partnership with the owners of our wind energy locations right from the very start.
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Wind energy area assessment: The start of a sustainable partnership

Would you like to use your grassland, forest, or arable land to produce clean wind energy? If so, then we should get to know each other. One big advantage of deciding for us is that you can profit on multiple levels. By leasing your land for wind turbines, you contribute to the clean energy revolution, while being able to depend on a reliable and lucrative income. Of course, you can still use your land for the cultivation of livestock because wind turbines don’t take up much space.

Wind energy site assessment with experience and an eye for ideal solutions

From wind power potential to regional planning and nature conservation; we know which location factors are important for lasting success. For example, we check whether wind power on your land is compatible with land use and regional plans. And thanks to our extensive experience, we can make valid forecasts for wind- and yield potential.


We use our experience and expertise to determine whether your land can deliver long-term stable yields through sustainable Alterric wind power use. During wind farm planning, we select suitable locations, secure the necessary land, and involve all parties via a transparent, open dialogue. If you are making plans for a renewable energy project and looking for a competent partner, then get in touch with us. Together, we’ll turn your idea into a viable and profitable solution.

“The lease for wind farm areas is a reliable, additional source of income that our landowners can count on regardless of the income derived from agriculture and forestry. Most partners choose to work with Alterric because we not only provide solids leases but back them up with honest advice and personal consultation.”

Tanja Weinmann | Head of Site Acquisitions & Repowering
Wind farm implementation: Making renewable doable

Know-how and responsibility are crucial factors when building a wind farm. As experienced project developers, we ensure that everything gets off to a smooth start. This includes the tender, as well as the handing out of all construction contracts and expert opinions regarding nature conservation.

We oversee the complete management and monitoring during the entire construction phase of the wind farm, from the very beginning until the turbines are connected to the grid. All our plans for wind farms are done independently from manufacturers. Our experts select the optimal turbine type for each location. And because wind energy needs on social acceptance, all our projects are accompanied by open dialogue with citizens and municipalities.

When the wind turbines are completed, they should be counted on to run safely and efficiently. Our asset management guarantees this. With our experts at your side, you can be sure that they take care of all commercial and technical matters, as well as the lease payments and the efficient, hassle-free functioning of the wind turbines.

Repowering: Exploiting potential

We ensure the tailor-made repowering for all older wind farms which have spent considerable time powering the clean energy revolution. Replacing existing systems with latest-generation models brings with it various benefits. The new systems are significantly more powerful, require less maintenance, generate more energy and thus more yield. The climate also benefits from the increase of clean electricity. Moreover, an improved wind farm layout with fewer but more powerful turbines gives the entire location a quieter and more tranquil impression. These are just some of the benefits that a repowering model bring to the table in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability. If you want to know more, we look forward to meeting you and discussing the possibilities at your site.

Wind strengths with added value

By partnering with Alterric, you will generate a reliable additional income in the long term.

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Site Acquisitions & Repowering

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Head of Site Acquisitions & Repowering

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