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Wind and solar power as a regional economic engine

Many factors are important for a successful wind and solar farm, including know-how, the right technology, and a precisely tailored concept that optimally fits the on-sight needs. Our experience shows that renewable energies work best with teamwork. That’s why it’s no coincidence that many of our projects were brought to a successful end via close exchange with municipalities and private citizens.
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Transition to renewable energy: Key advantages for the region

The future of clean energy brings with it numerous opportunities. On one hand, renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and biomass are gradually replacing fossil fuels. At the same time, the transition is increasingly shifting power generation away from large power plants in dense urban areas to decentralised plants. Energy derived from wind farms, solar and biogas plants flow into the distribution grids from all over Germany. That means the basis for a climate-neutral future lies at everyone’s doorstep. This in turn opens up interesting opportunities for citizens and municipalities: wind power generated in regional areas creates great potential in terms of added value for municipalities.

These are divided up as follows: The municipality where the wind farm is located receives at least 90 per cent; the municipality where the operating company is based receives 10 per cent of the revenue. Because Alterric plans and develops for its own operation, we are a permanent and reliable trade tax payer for municipalities. We give preference to local companies for supporting trades related to the construction and operation of the wind farms. The landowners receive rental income for the wind farms, which in turn boosts local purchasing power.

A profitable energy transition

There are numerous other reasons for wind energy generated from regional wind power projects. Take the fact that we enable individual citizen participation in various projects. There are diverse models where those living in proximity to wind farms can financially benefit from energy transition projects. Additionally, we rely on intensive dialogue throughout all project phases. It starts during planning and construction with a lively and open exchange with municipalities, citizens, and local associations. We think it’s crucial to ensure transparency and an open flow of information from step one. We listen carefully and provide answers.

Would you like to know more about all the benefits blowing your municipality’s way? We are always happy to talk to you about individual solutions.

“Wind and solar farms are an investment in the future: they improve the municipal climate balance and provide significant added value. Alterric not only used its extensive wind expertise but is also familiar with the concerns and needs of municipalities and citizens. This way, we meet our regional partners on an equal ground.”

Levke Hansen | Head of Cooperations & Networks
Climate protection: mission and opportunity for municipalities

Climate change has demonstrated to us all how important renewable energy is. The consequences that some municipalities and locals are confronted with such as floods, fires, storms, and more are sadly well-known. More than ever, we must now replace fossil fuels with renewable energy to avoid serious climatic changes. In fostering this goal, Germany wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 65% by 2030 (compared to value of 1990). and become completely climate-neutral by 2045. It is also planned that 80 per cent of the electricity consumed will come from renewable energies by 2030.

Let’s unlock more possibilities with abundant renewable energy sources. Wind and solar power are the most effective form of energy production, while simultaneously having the highest reduction potential for local CO₂ emissions. That’s why many municipalities are increasingly turning to wind and solar power to make their contribution in reaching the federal targets. With wind energy, communities can financially benefit while doing their part in climate protection.

We’re looking forward to helping you and your municipality discover the full potential of renewable energy. Contact us any time. We’re always ready to help make more possible.

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