Wind turbines in a landscape


The answer to our success is blowing in the wind

Helping power a climate-neutral energy future

We’d like to introduce ourselves – we’re Alterric. Since our beginning, we’ve made it our mission to develop, build and operate high-performing wind farms on land. With a current portfolio of 2,400 megawatts, we’re one of the largest generators of green, sustainable power generators in Central Europe. Our goal is to promote clean wind power throughout Europe and foster more climate protection and carbon neutrality. And we’re making it possible every day as seen in our project 10,000-megawatt pipeline, which our expert teams carry out using all their combined, expertise, experience, and commitment to solid partnerships.


Installed megawatt capacity


Billions of Euros in investments by 2030


Employees throughout Europe

The goal: 100 percent renewable energy

Big challenges need big solutions. That’s why we use all our strengths, expertise, and reliability as wind experts to reach our goal of establishing a climate-friendly energy supply that is 100 percent based on renewable sources. After all, wind and solar power not only reduces climate-damaging greenhouse gases, but also makes Germany and Europe less dependent on raw material imports: for accessible, affordable energy now and in the future.

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